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fix hexo error output './build/Release/DTraceProviderBindings'

There is a noisy error message appears each time when I run hexo command

Error: Cannot find module './build/Release/DTraceProviderBindings'

It is just a trace error and doesn’t stop my work, but , it was so NOISY and I
realy want to remove it.

From the follow links,

I know the root cause is because the dtrace-provider package.
And I don’t use is at all, so I just want to uninstall it.

# npm uninstall dtrace-provider -g

but as this package is related to hexo, it will not be removed…
you can still see it by follow commands

# npm list | grep dtrace

OK, Let clean up the enviroment, by uninstall hexo-cli and dtrace-provider

  • NOTE: you must use sudo to run the command
# sudo npm uninstall hexo-cli -g
# sudo npm uninstall dtrace-provider -g

Next, Install the hexo-cli with –no-optional option, and check dtrace-provider
is not installed.

  • NOTE: you must use sudo to run the command
# sudo npm install hexo-cli --no-optional -g

Finially, the world become quiet again. :)