KongのCanary Release pluginを使ってみる

紹介 Kong Gatewayのプラグインを利用すれば、カナリアリリースが簡単に設定することができます。しかもカナリアリリースのモードは単なるパーセン

Access K3s From Outside

Access k3s cluster from outside When you have created a k3s cluster with the default settings, it only can be access inside the node where you're using. Bring the kubeconfig file /etc/rancher/k3s/k3s.yaml outside the node and import it to another host, you will get below issue when trying to access. 1 2 ❯ kubectl get node Unable to connect to the server: x509: certificate is valid for,, 127.


rkeクラスタのcidrを弄ったら、以下のようなエラーが出てクラスタの作成が失敗した。 1 {"log":"F1203 01:36:22.168496 1 node_ipam_controller.go:115] Controller: Invalid --cluster-cidr, mask size of cluster CIDR must be less than or equal to --node-cidr-mask-size configured for CIDR family\n","stream":"stderr","time":"2021-12-03T01:36:22.16859524Z"} cl


仕事の関係で、期限切れのkubernetesクラスタの証明書更新の手順を検証することになった。 今まで特にやったことないので記録しておきます。

Install Linux OS With Qemu CLI

Background Sometimes you want to build a reproducer for some installation issues. Instead of putting the actual CD-ROM in your machine, QEMU, a popular hardware virtualization solution, could help you to test it on virtual machines. Qemu can help you to do a GUI install with Desktop or live Server install ISO, or use text-mode installation with a Server install CD. Install 1 $ sudo apt install qemu And also you need a ISO for installation.

Self Nas Environment Project

This artcle is a note for myself to build a private NAS station using Ubuntu 20.04. The main usage of my NAS is to store photoes. For other services, run webmin to control machine via WebUI, and run Emby/ Jellyfin for multi media. Above 2 will run in docker so I also run portainer to manage them. Overview Use Samba to share storage, and use PhotoSync to upload photoes from