OpenStack frequently used command

OpenStack frequently used command OpenStack Compute - Nova list instances nova list openstack server list list/check flavor nova flavor-list nova flavor-show <name or ID> openstack flavor list openstack flavor show <name or ID> create flavor openstack flavor create --ram <ram> --vcpus <cpu number> --disk <size> --id <id> <name> nova flavor-create <name> <id> <ram> <disk> <vcpus> launch an instance nova boot <name> --image <image> --flavor <flavor> openstack server create --flavor <flavor> --image <image> <name> launch an instance with network openstack server create --flavor <flavor> --image <image> <name> net-id=<network> launch an instance with key-pair nova boot <name> --image <image> --flavor <flavor> --key-name <key-pair name> openstack server create --flavor <flavor> --image <image> <name> access instance via router ip netns list sudo ip netns exec <qrouter-id> ssh -i <key> [email protected] launch an instance with custom port nova boot --image <image> --flavor <flavor> --nic port-id=<port-id> <instance name> delete an instance nova delete <ID> openstack server delete <ID or name> Openstack Network - Neutron list network openstack network list list subnetwork openstack subnet list --long create a network openstack network create <net name> create a subnetwork openstack subnet create <subnet name> --network <net name> --subnet-range <ip address>/<prefix> --gateway <gw ip> --allocation-pool start=IP_ADDR,end=IP_ADDR e.

Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) learning note

Install Install 1 apt install If you install docker with other cgroup driver, you have to make sure that docker and Kubernetes will use same cgroup driver. 1 2 3 4 5 cat << EOF >> /etc/docker/daemon.json { "exec-opts": ["native.cgroupdriver=systemd"] } EOF install apt key and source to system 1 2 3 4 5 [email protected]:~# curl -s https://packages.

[Juju] Use juju to deploy minecraft server in LXD

Juju is a deploy tool which supports a very wide range of cloud providers, like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, MAAS and LXD. This artcle will focus on how to build an OpenStack test environment using Juju and LXD. installing LXD It is very easy to install LXD, just run below command 1 $ sudo apt-install lxd If you can't find lxd package, run below command to add PPA(Personal Package Archive) to find LXD package.

Suspend issue on Thinkpad X1C 6th with Ubuntu 18.04

S3 Suspend not supported by default There is an issue about suspend on Thinkpad X1 Carbon when using Ubuntu 18.04. When you close the lid suspend does not works well. It will continue cose some power and get you laptop hot. The root cause is the 6th gen X1 Carbon supports S0i3(Which is also known as Windows Modern Standby) but does not support the S3 sleep state. S0i3 sleep support After some researching, the workaround can be this:

Error: Failed container creation: Failed to load raw.lxc

I follow below URL to try to install and test MaaS, At the profile edit part, from above documents lxc profile edit maas replace the {} after config with the following (excluding config:): 1 2 3 4 5 6 config: raw.lxc: |- lxc.cgroup.devices.allow = c 10:237 rwm lxc.aa_profile = unconfined lxc.cgroup.devices.allow = b 7:* rwm security.privileged: "true" At the launch step, I hit below issue, 1 2 3 $ lxc launch -p maas ubuntu:16.

Ansible 入門 - 応用

こちらの記事はではAnsibleを紹介するための文章で、元Red Hat社員のJingjing Shiが作成し、Wenhan Shiが日本語に翻訳

Ansible 入門 - 紹介

こちらの記事はではAnsibleを紹介するための文章で、元Red Hat社員のJingjing Shiが作成し、Wenhan Shiが日本語に翻訳

The difference between server-side healing and client-side healing in GlusterFS

There are 2 kinds of healing functions in GlusterFS, server-side heal and client-side heal. Server side heal is automatically executed by self-heal daemon on all gluster server nodes. It does healing by crawling file/directory information from .glusterfs directory on brick path. So it will keep the file-data and meta-data to be consistent from server side. Client side heal is different, it will triggers heal for the particular file whenever client accesses files from mount path, which means a file operation on file descriptor.