From version 7, VIM has a built in spell check function, but disable by default.


You can use :set spell and :set nospell to enable and disable it. The spell check isn’t only for English, use :echo &spelllang to confirm the current target langurage. Use:set spelllang=en_GB.UTF-8 to change the target langurage, also you can use set spelllang=en_us,nl,medical to set it to multiple langurage.

Spell check

Use ]s to move to the next, [s to move to the previous spell mistake.

Correct the mistake

Use z= to list the suggestions of the spell mistake, and input a number to select.

For some special work, use zg to add it as user work. And use zw to delete it.


:set spellenable spell check
:set nospelldisable spell check
]smove to the next mistake
[smove to the previous mistake
z=list the suggestions
zgadd the word
zwdelete the word